Sunday, 6 May 2007

Leah Dizon movie collection

Leah Dizon Video Option 2006. Well these babes really got some skills ^O^!Only leah dizon would use that carbon filter as a bazooka.

Leah Dizon Softly sung in Japanese. A nice song. She is beautiful.

I LOVE LEAH DONNA DIZON! She is SO prety there was no need to do that. I think its hilarious how pervy you guys are acting, but. I REALY think what she's dng is unnessisary. She should stick to singing.

leah dizon sexy video clip. cute, shy, sexy, and great personality.

Leah Dizon the first movie. She does resemble Rinoa from Final Fantasy! She's actually half french (mother is french) and part filipino & chinese (father is mixed filipino/chinese). She was brought up in the US so her english is perfect.

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