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Erika Sawajiri movie collection

Erika Sawajiri married, on the new year day of 2009, a guy called Tsuyoshi Takashiro (高城剛, Takashiro Tsuyoshi) who is a Japanese DJ, filmmaker, and writer. Congratulations!


she is a great actress... loved "ichi rittoru no namida" ... To play such a character you must have something special. Deep in her heart I think she is a very nice person.

Erika Sawajiri from the making of her 2nd photobook. She is very beautiful. But, why she seldom smile during the photoshoot? She's sweet when she smiles.. Moreover, a young girl looks more sexy when she smiles innocently in minim outfit.

Here is Erika Sawajiri movie 2. Erika is in a yellow bikini and plays around on the beach. Again, it's super cute!

Here is a movie of Erika Sawajiri in the costume of bunny and waitress. Erika says 'it's first time to wear bunny costume, how is it?'. It's super cute!!!

Sawajiri Erika passed the Stardust audition in 1999 after graduating from elementary school. The following year she became part of the idol unit "ANGEL EYES" and began modelling for junior fashion magazines like CUTiE and nicola. In 2001 she won the Grand Prize for that year's Seikore and became a regular on the BS news program Harajuku Launchers.

In 2002 Erika began taking on more tasks as an actress and gravure idol. She was one of Fuji TV's Visual Queens for the year (along with Ichikawa Yui, Karina, and Yarita Ayano), and also had a part in the film Mondai no nai Watashitachi. She became a regular of the NTV music variety show THE YORU mo Hit Parade from April to late June, and shortly before leaving the program was on the CX News program Chou VIP Fortune no Tobira from mid-June to late August. In November she was on the CBC variety show Bijou Dokyuu and also on the TBS show B-1.

Erika continued her work into 2003, this time getting roles in PVs. She also began acting in various dramas, including a small role in the popular drama HOTMAN. In 2004 Erika continued to act in dramas, but it can be said she earned the most attention in 2005 for her portrayal of Ikeuchi Aya in the drama 1 Litre no Namida, a young girl with a degenerating brain disease that affects one's motor skills. It was also in 2005 that she starred in the film PACCHIGI!.

2006 has proved to be yet another busy year for Erika, as she starred in two films and is currently starring in the drama adaptation of Taiyou no Uta.(wiki)

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