Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Emi Suzuki movie collection

wow, emi soooo kawaii!!

SHUEISHA SEVENTEEN Emi Suzuki and Nana Eikura in school uniforms. Nana Eikura is beautiful too. I like her cheerfulness.
I look forward to your next video about her.

Emi suzuki movie 3. This is her solo. She's better of as a model / actress. I dont like her vocal that much.

Emi Suzuki movie 2. Juemilia could have done well just doing original material like this instead of buying into the TATU lesbo thing which is what let to their demise, I think. They also can't sing well...but still

Juemilia-ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID. This is a cover song of tatu. I don't understand why they cover this song.

Emi Suzuki started her career as a model of 'Seventeen' in 1999. First, she became popular with teenage girls, and then, she made famous by exposing herself on commercials and TV dramas. Emi Suzuki is one of the most popular Japanese idols/models at present and also my favourite model! She is a popular singer as well.

(from wiki) Suzuki Emi is an actress and a guravure idol who is Shueisha's most favored signboard model for both Seventeen and Pinky. Emi has also done many commercials and had parts in PVs.

Name: 鈴木えみ
Name (romaji) Suzuki Emi
Birthname Wu Tsûryan (Japanese spelling of Chinese name)
Date of birth: 1985 September 13
Birthplace: Shanghai, China
Ethnicity: Japanese / Chinese
Height: 168cm
Weight: 46kg
Star sign: Virgo
Blood type: AB
Talent Agency: Stardust (
Trivia: A famous Chinese-Japanese model.

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