Sunday, 6 May 2007

Haruka Ayase movie collection

Kousaten days (Full Ver.)

Ayase Haruka Movie 4. This is the actual MaxFactor CM 'what's wrong'.

Haruka Ayase movie 3. Maxfactor commercial making video. Totemo kawaii(very cute).

Haruka Ayase movie 2. watch her NEW JAPANESE DRAMA titled: "Tatta Hitotsu No koi" in youtube. BABY U LOOK REAL GOOD GOD.

Ayase Haruka first movie, Kousaten days Interview in Mezamashi TV. She talks about the recording of her single 'Kousaten days'. she is sooooo cutee!

Haruka Ayase (Ja: 綾瀬はるか, Ayase Haruka, born March 24, 1985) is a Japanese actress, gravure idol, singer, and model.
In 2000, she successfully passed an audition called the Horipro Talent Scout Caravan(Ja), and she first achieved widespread recognition as an actress in Japan for her starring roles in the short film movies "Justice", later she rose to stardom in 2004 when she acted in the role of a girl named Aki in the TV series "Crying Out love, In the Center of the World".
On March 24, 2006 she released her first single, titled "ピリオド" (Period). The lyrics to this single were written by Kaori Mochida from Every Little Thing and Takeshi Kobayashi. Takeshi Kobayashi also composed and arranged the music, as well as produced the single.
She entered the Teikyo University Junior College(Ja) in 2003, and later she dropped out of the university.
She excels in many sports; for example, she got in an Ekiden tournament at the Chūgoku region when she was a junior high school student(wiki)

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