Saturday, 22 March 2008

Maki Horikita gallery

Maki Horikita (堀北真希, Horikita Maki?, born October 6, 1988, in Kiyose, Tokyo) is a Japanese actress, an occasional radio show host and photobook model. Maki Horikita is one of the hottest Japanese sexy idols at present.

Maki Horikita started her acting career in 2003 as a U-15 idol and has since starred in a number of Japanese television dramas, TV and magazine ads, and films. Her breakthrough portrayals were her role as Nobuko Kotani, a shy and emotionally turmoiled character from the 2005 Japanese television drama, Nobuta. O Produce and her role as Mizuki Ashiya, a girl who pretended to be a boy from the 2007 Japanese television drama, Hanazakari no Kimitachi E.

Currently, Horikita is reportedly the fifth highest-paid product spokeswoman in Japan, commanding a fee of 31 million yen ($403,000) for each deal. Maki Horikita is one of the most popular Japanese sexy gravure (gravia) idols today.(wikipedia)

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