Sunday, 23 March 2008

Magibon gallery

[Who's Magibon?] Magibon (マギぼん, Magi, Magi Ririan, MRirian) is from America, who has been willing to go to Japan. Since Magibon joined YouTube in Feburary 2006, she has been uploading quite a few numbers of videos which have great numbers of views and some videos of hers have got over 1 milion views. Altough, in many of Magibon's videos, she just looks at the camera with doing nothing, the videos still get highest ranking on YouTube. Magibon speaks her daily life in Japanese (probably intermediate level) on her videos. You can also find several videos in which Magibon sings Japanese songs such as 'Matsuwa' (I'll wait for you) by Japanese duo singers called Amin.
[A promised girl Magibon] Japanese Talent agencies have got with Magibon and several agencies such as Gyao have contacted to her. The staff of Gyao actually has succeeded in meeting Magibon at her home in United States. It looks like Magibon is going to be one of the top idols in Japan. (March 2008)
(Profile on YouTube)MRirianStyle: VarietyJoined: February 26, 2006
Videos Watched: 6,653Subscribers: 35,162Channel Views: 1,464,599Ah, thanks for looking at my channel. ^_^ Name: マギ (Magi)Age: 21
I'd like to make videos more often than I do... I'll keep at it, so if you like the videos at all, check back sometimes or subscribe. ^_^
My account location says Japan, but I live in the United States! ^_~
? よろしくおねがいしま~す! ? Hometown: アメリカCountry: Japan Interests and Hobbies: I like reading, baking?, watching Japanese dramas☆☆, listening to music♪, and nature.Movies and Shows: Lots of stuff. ^_^Music: Japanese.♪Books: Almost everything I read.


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