Saturday, 26 July 2008

Minami gallery

Minami Hinase (美波 みなみ Hinase Minami), more popularly known in Japan as Minami (みなみ), is a Japanese model and actress. She is internationally known for her role as Shogo Kawada's girlfriend Keiko Onuki in the critically acclaimed Japanese film Battle Royale. She is employed under Horipro, a giant Japanese model and talent agency.

Recently, she has taken a principle role in the 2006 Japanese drama film Humoresque: Sakasama no Chou (literally Humoresque: The Upside Down Butterfly).


* She is half Japanese and half French.
* She is talented in basketball and very athletic. (wikipedia)

Minamii, a Tokyo native, is best known for her work for Japanese film Battle Royal. She is a regular print model for Japanese fashion magazines, as well as appearing in other magazines like mina, SEDA, PHat PHOTO, Dolce Vita and 26ans.

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