Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Yumiko Shaku movie collection

ive loved yumiko shaku ever since i saw princess blade a few years ago

Yumiko Shaku - Be With You 3

Yumiko Shaku - Be With You 2

Yumiko Shaku - Be With You 1

Yumiko Shaku ( In honor of this beautiful women)

Name: 釈由美子 Name (romaji): Shaku Yumiko Profession: Actress Birthdate: 1978-June-12 Birthplace: Kiyose, Tokyo, Japan Height: 165cm Weight: 45kg Star sign: Gemini Blood type: B During Yumiko's time in college, she was chosen as Young Magazine's "Miss Campus Grand Prix Japan". Her debut as a gravure idol made her very popular and she was loved by fans who saw her on various television programs and dramas as well as idol magazines. She was also a Wongal on the show Wonderful. Yumiko Syaku is like the hottest idol in Japan. Probably is. When I first saw her picture I thought she is like perfect. And then I saw more of her and discover she's not. But if I were to say right now who is the closest to perfection I would definitly say Yumiko Syaku. She is so close to being perfect that it hurts. I mean no one even come close to her, not even the ones on television or singer that was more famous than her.
While most of her male fanbase is from her gravure idoling, she has gained a large female following from dramas such as Ikiru Tame no Jounetsu to Shite no Satsujin and the film Shurayuki-hime. Yumiko shaku owns three chihuahuas named Choko Choko, Mochi Mochi, and Taopaipai.

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